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As a service to members, we are providing immediate feeds of articles and other information in China, relating to Kandi, its CEO, and electric vehicles in China (on all subjects, eg Chinese government policy, trends, sales, narratives, etc.).  

This is a work in progress, so we'll see how it goes. All articles, etc., will appear in our NewsFeed sub-group which is accessible by clicking on the "Subgroups" button on our main site menu.  They should appear there as soon as they are (1) made available online by the publication in which the article appears in China; or (2) accessible by a Google search.

The current feeds include:

1. Articles appearing in Gasgoo in China. The articles will bear the hashtag, #Feed-Gasgoo-(China) and include:

1.1 Domestic News provides dynamic coverage of multinational companies in China, industry information of independent brands, and the latest and most comprehensive development of China's auto industry. 

1.2 Gasgoo New Energy Automotive News provides the latest industry trends and trends in the latest new energy industry, changes in sales of new energy vehicles and industry-related activity information. 

1.3 Massive news of automotive business events, gathering news from auto industry shows, auto industry summits, forum news, auto business events and car sales promotion events, auto group buying events and other news, providing comprehensive auto event news. 

1.4 The sales figures of major automakers' key models, the monthly sales figures of auto makers are the top ten, the monthly sales figures of the models are the top ten, and the monthly sales topics are the same. 

1.5 Provide original series of interviews, including series interviews of procurement and supply chain, interviews with technology and innovation series, series interviews with leading suppliers, interviews with series of strategies and trends, interviews with series after market, etc., allowing you to fully understand the charisma of companies and characters in the automotive industry. 

1.6 Focusing on hot news, the facts and laws behind the news are scrutinized; purely original and professional perspectives are used to interpret eyeball companies, markets, and industry hot spots. 

2. Articles (2x week) appearing in China Automotive News. These will bear the hashtag, #Feed-Automotive-News-(China)

3. All articles in China from any source available in a Google Search, involving "Hu Xiaoming" OR "Kandi Technologies.  These will bear the hashtag, #Feed-(Hu-Xiaoming)(Kandi-Technologies)-(China)

4. All articles in China from any source available in a Google Search, involving China electric vehicles.  These will bear the hashtag, #Feed-China-Electric-Vehicles-(China)


Changes may be made to the feeds at any time, current updates will always be found in this Wiki on our site. Should you encounter articles in China that do not appear in any of our feeds, feel free to pass the URL on to me and I'll consider including the source.  Due to the number of feeds I've included, I've exceeded the "free" services provided by, so will give it a 30 day test to see how it works out.

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