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Helpful hints if you're brand new, re how this site works...

Once you've logged into the site, off to the left hand side you'll see a vertical list of your various navigation options.  They are summarized as follows:

HOME:  This will bring you back to the main site page, containing our banner picture and a description of the site.

GUIDELINES:  This is a listing of the important rules that are applicable to members of this site. It is automatically mailed out to new members, and is automatically mailed out to all members once a month.

SUBSCRIPTION:  Once you click here, you'll see four (4) choices across the top. The two I'll briefly describe are "Membership" and "Group Profile".

  • Membership: This is where you can (a) designate your desired email delivery option--there are lots of choices; (b) inserting a standard signature on your postings; (c) under "Advanced Preferences" you can filter what threads and hashtags will be included in your email delivery option (but note if you selected special notices only, or no email, designating any of the advanced preferences will have no effect); and (d) whether or not you will auto follow replies.
  • Group Profile: Once you click here, click on "Edit Group Profile".  That will allow you to add a profile picture which we highly recommend you do; what display name you will use with your posts; setting for your profile privacy; your bio; your location; and your website, if you have one.

MESSAGES: This will open up the area where you can view all message postings.  Note that at the top of the screen, there is a dark green button. By clicking on it, it will rotate between Topics, Messages, Expanded, and Polls. A search box appears to the right of that green button for all settings which you can use.  If you choose Topics, Messages or Expanded, to the right of the search box you can click on a filter icon which will allow you to set a time period for your view.

HASHTAGS: This option will allow you to view the hashtags we've created for the site, grouped by color.  Note that the #Kandi-Business hashtag, is the MAIN hashtag to be used for posts relating to Kandi's activities.

NEW TOPIC:  If you want to create a new topic for a message posting, use this button. Here you'll enter the subject, one or more hashtags (mandatory) and your message posting with full html options.  Note that the format of the subject line on new message posts must be the subject, followed by the appropriate #hashtag(s), not vice a versa, and certainly not a #hashtag without an accompanying subject.

CHATS:  To enter a chat or start a new one, select this button. Someone described the chat feature here as follows:  Chats are like temporary subgroups--most folks use them as an IRC for a discussion that doesn't need to be on the group--anything posted there is not sent out as an email.

DIRECTORY:  This will display the member list, with their photo's (if provided) and their usernames.  We highly recommend that you post a profile picture under subscription (see above).

CALENDAR: This will bring up the group calendar with group events, company deadlines, etc.

PHOTOS:  This will bring up the group's photo's and photo albums

FILES:  This will bring up a list of files that have been uploaded to the group (usually in conjunction with a message posting)

DATABASES: This button will bring up the various databases the group has, including our extensive links library.

WIKI:  Helpful information about this site as well as about the company (always under construction and enhancement).  The initial page contains an index of subjects. If you have interest in building a page dedicated to Kandi's joint ventures, operations, etc., please email, as that would be extremely useful to new investors. Check here if you need help navigating, customizing, updating password or email.