The Kandi Private Group has some straight-forward rules and expectations:

1. Your participation here is without a hidden agenda

2. No juvenile behavior, spam, or disruptive activity

3. No personal attacks.  Discuss the message, not the person. If you have ANY issue with how this site is administered, with another member or how s/he conducts him/herself, do NOT post about it, direct your issue to a moderator

4. No expression of your views on politics or religion, regardless what #hashtag you use

5. Use accurate hashtag(s) when posting a message that reflects your subject matter

6. On new message posts, the format of the subject line should be the subject, followed by the appropriate #hashtag(s)

7. If you are changing the subject in a thread, start a new topic, do not "hijack" the thread

8. Do not reveal how many shares/options you hold (or bought or sold); we care what you have to say, not the size of your wallet

9. Do not "like" your own message posts; when deciding re "liking" other member posts, use your judgment and be selective

10. When participating in polls, your participation is NOT anonymous, unless otherwise stated in the poll's introduction

11. The following
 kind of posts are not permitted (they'll be deleted and/or the poster will be put on moderated status and/or the poster will be booted):

11.1 Posts that claim that (a) Kandi, or any of its officers or directors, and/or (b) Li Shufu, or any of his companies, are shorting KNDI shares

11.2 Posts merely conveying the negative emotional state of the poster (frustration, disappointment), eg complaining, bitching, venting, expressing regret for personal investment decisions, etc., by way of humor, sarcasm or otherwise

12. You have zero constitutional rights here... this is our living room, if you're not respectful, you will be shown the door

13. Use of this site, acknowledges that there has never been, and is not now, any representation of assurance of privacy, regarding a member's interaction with this site, in any manner whatsoever, including without limiting the foregoing, whatever information a member shares with this site, directly or indirectly, except as otherwise explicitly represented otherwise.

These guidelines are automatically sent out to all members on a monthly basis.

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